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Educational Credential Authentication

Educational Credential Authentication  (ECA) is required for Express Entry, if you have not completed your education from Canada, It is a verification done for Canadian Education Equivalency due to the different Educational systems in different countries. It is mandatory for principal applicant who is educated outside Canada, Additional points are also awarded when you do this evaluation. It is a fair step to be taken prior to submission of your application as ECA will give you the early feedback on your education comparison to Canadian standards.

Please note: ECA is must   for Federal Skilled Worker applicants, however Canadian Experience Class applicant may choose to skip this depend on score they earned.

Gipcs help you in getting ECA report from the organisations designated by CIC. Authenticating your documents requires fees to be paid. You need to pay the fees of ECA and get the reference number which will help you to register your ECA in Express Entry profile and get additional points, Getting ECA does not guarantee you for being picked up by CIC after you enter the pool.

Organisations Responsible for ECA:

For all general Credential Authentication you can prefer to World Education Services (WES) which is available worldwide.

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