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Federal Skilled Workers

Note: As of January 2015, Eligible candidates can apply under this stream via Express Entry.

Federal skilled worker immigrants are selected based on their ability to become economically established in Canada. Canada needs skilled workers because they have the right mix of skills, education, and experience to meet the current and long term demands of the economy. They also have the transferable skills to adapt to a changing labour market.

In order to apply for Federal Skilled Worker Category, the rules can change time to time (even overnight) so keep checking for the rules and once you fnd yourself eligible for FSW then apply immediately. Canadian Immigration department asseses your application on the following skills and conditions basically:

  • Relevant Education
  • At least 1 year Work Experience in skilled job position or Valid Arranged Employment Offer (Permanent)
  • Language ability must be equivalent to minimum score required
  • Age
  • Funds available
  • Other favourable factors which can help you to get well established in Canada

Cap Determination:

Since everywhere in the world people want to live in Canada very eagerly and apply for it, therefore to avoid backlog and delays Canadian Immigration Department decided to take limited number of applications from eligible candidates all over the world. There is overall cap of 25,500 applications which constitutes a further cap of 1,000 applications on each  Eligible occupation and cap of 500 applications on PhD students. But if you dont want to be affected by Cap then you need to take Arranged Employment Offer. 

Skilled Worker Assessment Form

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