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Finger Printing

Finger Printing Services in West Edmonton Mall Coming Soon!!

Fingerprinting Services

Every human being possesses a set of fingerprints exclusive to them. This quality results in them being an effective way of identifying people, whether it be to distinguish individuals apart for criminal purposes, or simply for security reasons.

Electronic Fingerprint Technology

The new mandatory Criminal Record Check has become more common in offices for security checks and purposes. LiveScan devices and the traditional ink and roll fingerprinting are the two known ways of obtaining your fingerprints.

LiveScan Devices

In the place of ink and paper, LiveScan devices scan the surface of your fingertips, much like when you photocopy your hand. Once the digital image of your fingertip is produced and fed into the computer, it analyzes the fingerprint only followed by an intricate pattern-matching software turning it into a code.

Ink and Roll Fingerprinting

Digital alternatives are taken advantage of where they can be however; foreigners, as well as those who require high level Canadian security screening or FBI checks; must resort to the traditional ink and roll method.

You may be requested to submit fingerprints as an additional requirement for several reasons including the following:

  1. Enough acceptable documents to prove your identity has not been provided.
  2. The requisition for a record check resulting from previous criminal activity.
  3. Your basic information, such as name and birthdate, matches someone in the criminal list and fingerprints are required to determine your identity.

Services in which you may need your Fingerprints

  • Federal and Provincial Government Employees
  • Immigrating to Canada or other countries
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Applying for Canadian Citizenship
  • Employment
  • Name Change Applications
  • Adoptions
  • Record Suspension
  • Fingerprinting Services for Health Canada
  • Other Civil purposes
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