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Canadian Government Understands the needs of their permanent residents and in this regard, people whose parents or grand parents live outside of Canada, CIC has launched a program which is called Super Visa by which an individual can invite their parents or grand parents on a long visit for a family re-unite. Rather going on compassionate grounds, Canadian Govt. has decided to check if a person has booked a health insurance policy for their parents or grand parents, which is a major requirement of this program.

Basically it is a long-Term multiple entry visitor visa for the parents or grand parents of a person who is a Permanent resident or Canadian Citizen. Visa is normally granted for 10 years and valid period of stay is 2 years  while in normal multiple entry visa the stay is only valid for 2 years.


Who Can Apply

  • Must be Parent or Grand Parent of a person having Permanent residency or Citizenship holder
  • Must have a written sponsorship from Children / Grand children (Invitation)
  • Income of Child/ Grandchild must meet the Low Income Cut- off

    Size of Family

    Minimum Necessary Income

    1 Person


    2 Members


    3 Members


    4 Members


    5 Members


    6 Members


    7 Members


    More than 7 Members, for each additional person add


  • Proof of Canadian Medical insurance coverage (its different from travel insurance)

Note: Dependants living in India of Parents/ Grand Parents are not included