Home support worker

In June 2019, Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) decided to introduce a new program “Home childcare provider and Home support worker pilot” program where ELIGIBLE candidates have the option of applying for upfront Canadian permanent residency along with work permit.
Yes, if they meet the dependent definition.
• Must have a genuine job offer from a Canadian employer • Must have the equivalent of 1 year of foreign/overseas education that is equal to that of 1 year of post-secondary studies in Canada. • You must show any experience or training so that you can prove that you are qualified to do the job as either a home childcare provider or as a home support worker. • The candidate must be admissible to Canada, e.g., no criminal record or medical conditions.
Currently, it is 12 months, and its subject to vary from country to country and the number of applicants applying from each country.
NO, an LMIA is not a requirement for these new caregiver programs.
No, the applicant once approved for their work permit can work in Canada for any employer offering a valid job in either a home childcare provider position or home support worker position. This depends on the job title is written in your Canadian work permit.
The occupation-restricted open work permit should be issued for 3 years starting from the date the work permit is issued at the port of entry (POE) or in Canada.
To provide a genuine and valid job offer.
Once the applicant has obtained 24 months of work experience, they will update and provide proof of meeting this requirement to IRCC.
Yes, depending on the age of the dependent, they will be issue study or work permit.
A Canadian Immigration Officer is qualified to sense the relationship(s) between an applicant(s) and employer(s) and can consider the application(s) as to mean to enter and remain in Canada. We suggest that the applicant and the employer(s) should not be direct relative(s).
Each application is unique and can be judged on the given situation/case and there are no fixed fees due to different situations, i.e.: Marital history, , the number of dependents, any previous relationships, accompanying and/or non-accompanying dependents, criminal and/or health issues and/or country-specific requirements etc. We suggest a consultation to get the estimate of our services charges per your given situation.