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Owner Operator Work Pemit

Since June 19, 2014, The Federal Government has shut down the Immigrant Investors (IIP) and Entrepreneurs (EN) program, which is a big setback for foreign investors who choose Canada to invest their capital and which also lead to the Permanent residency/Citizenship of Canada.

Not to be disheartened. Let's review Owner-Operator LMIA / Work permit Program; you can be an owner-operator of your own business in Canada and later can apply for permanent residency under any applicable stream (Provincial or Federal).

Who is an Owner Operator?

Owner Operator is a foreign national who has a controlling interest in the business.

The business can be a:

  • New Start-Up company in Canada
  • Ownership (50.1%) of existing business in Canada (Pending, or complete purchase)

How to prove ownership of the Company?

  • Share certificate or
  • The article of Incorporation or
  • Share sale purchase agreement   and
  • Proof that you already paid or has an available fund to pay for the controlling shares.

How much investment do we need?

There are no set guidelines available for the amount of investment capital. However, the market price or the selling price determined by the seller will be determining factor.

Will the owner-operator lead us to Permanent residency to Canada?

Successful applicants will work in Canada as a business owner and Temporary foreign worker. Eligible Candidate will lead to permanent residency under any applicable stream (Provincial or Federal) open to Temporary foreign workers. Please note eligible Candidates will get 50 valuable points under Arrange employment offer factor, giving an edge over the rest of the express entry Candidates

Can my family stay, work or study in Canada?

In general Owner Operator belongs to NOC O, A, and B in which dependents of the successful applicants can work or study after getting approval from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

In which province we can apply?

Owner Operator is a Federal Government initiative which is applicable in all the provinces and territories.

What is the success ratio of such an application?

The success ratio of such an application is relatively high because, the applicant will invest capital in the existing or new Canadian business leading to job retentions, employment opportunities, and other economic factors.

How can Global Immigration help us in such applications?

We have so far a proven track record for these applications. Our management with 15 years of experience and trained staff is capable of representing your application, writing a business plan and emphasizing the fact your investment/business will be best to operate for the sake of Canadian economy and labor market.


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