What is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

Each province and territory (except Nunavut) has its own Provincial Nominee Program selection criteria. The goal of the PNP is so that immigrants can settle into a particular province or territory and also while making an immediate economic contribution. The Federal Government of Canada allows through agreements a specified number of immigrants who can be selected by PNP’s and then apply for permanent residence to IRCC. 

There are two main types of PNP streams. Ones that are linked to Express Entry and ones that are not linked to Express Entry.

  • Express Entry Linked PNP’s
  • Non-Express Entry Streams (also called Paper-based application)

Provincial nominee linked with Express Entry

There are two ways to apply under this stream:

  • Apply directly for the Provincial Nominee Program support Express Entry stream. After getting the nomination, create an Express Entry profile and show you have been nominated by Province.
  • Create your profile in Express Entry, if you are eligible for one of the stream e.g: FSW, CEC or FSTP. If Province sends you a Notification of Interest (NOI), provide the requested information to the  Province for nomination. Once you receive the nomination, Province will electronically update the same in your Express Entry profile. 

Express entry supported nomination will replenish the Candidate with 600 valuable points under Express Entry stream.

Please note NOT all Provincial Nominations are linked with Express Entry.

Regular Provincial Nominee Program (Non Express Entry)

Regular Provincial Nominee Program (also called Paper-based application) is for the worker who:

  • Want to live or have ties with that province, and
  • Match the skills, education and work experience set by specific Province

Each province and territory has set up his own streams according to the geographic and economic requirements of the Province. They target certain groups like:

  • skilled worker (outside or within a province) including Tradesperson
  • semi-skilled workers
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs or Investors or Owner Operator

Process and processing time:

  • Apply directly with the Province in one of the most suitable categories matching eligibility requirements set up by the province.
  • Once you receive a nomination from the province submit a paper application for Permanent residence to IRCC.
  • IRCC will ask for the mandatory medical exams and police check before granting a Permanent residency of Canada

Since this is a two-step (province and federal) paper-based application, the processing time for such an application is higher than the Express Entry stream. 

Following is a list of provinces and one territory currently participating in this program:


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