Family Sponsorship - PGP & Other relatives

To sponsor a family member as a permanent resident under family class sponsorship, the sponsor must fulfill the following conditions: a) Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada aged at least 18 years. b) Reside in Canada, if they are a permanent resident. Canadian citizens can sponsor a family member even when living outside the country. However, he or she must reside in Canada when the sponsored family member becomes a permanent resident of Canada. c) Have adequate resources to provide financial support to the sponsored person for the mandated duration. Further, the sponsor must comply with additional requirements like not receiving social assistance (except for reason of disability), meeting financial obligations including support for sponsored family members on time, a clean criminal record, etc.
You can sponsor your own parents and grandparents (PGP) if they are related by blood or adoption and their dependents if applicable.
Yes, a sponsor must have the income required to sponsor PGP and provide proof of income for the latest 3 taxation years before submitting their application.
IRCC process applications to sponsor PGP within 20-24 months.
Your spouse or common-law partner may be a co-signer regardless of how long you have been married. Both you and your spouse must each provide proof that you meet the minimum income necessary cut off.
Yes if you have had the bankruptcy discharged.
Yes having received CERB or CEWS does not make you ineligible to sponsor your parents/grandparents.
You will need to meet the additional income requirement.
Yes as long as they meet the definition of being a dependent child.
Yes if eligible they can apply to visit you while the PR application is in processing.
If your brother/sister are not eligible to be dependents on your parents PR application. Then they must qualify for a PR stream/option on their own.
If you meet all of the eligibility criteria then you may be able to sponsor them. Please check with your consultant for eligibility criteria.
IRCC will hopefully at some point soon announce the intake process for this program.