Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Programs were established by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to allow Canada's different provinces and territories to choose individuals who show an interest in settling in a particular province/territory and who will be able to contribute to that province/territory's economic development. Most, not all, provinces and territories of Canada participate in the Provincial Nominee Program.
• Alberta • British Columbia • Manitoba • New Brunswick • Newfoundland and Labrador • Northwest Territories • Nova Scotia • Ontario • Prince Edward Island • Saskatchewan • Yukon
Provinces and territories are able to search and nominate candidates through the Express Entry system pool. Candidates having a low scores may choose to remain into Express entry pool and Province or Territory may select them (base on eligibility score or occupation in demand) and provide them a valuable 600 points for Express entry supportive nomination.
Provinces has their own cut off score which are much lesser than the Express entry score, however provinces have their own selection criteria based on job offer, work experience, occupation or relatives living in the province.
Provincial nominations application mostly called paper based application in few Provinces. It’s a good optional application for individuals who are not eligible to enter the Express Entry pool but are eligible for the provincial program.
After the Provincial Nomination, federal application is necessary to finalize the Permanent residency. Federal Govt has a right to reject the application, if the candidate is inadmissible due to the criminal or medical grounds.
After the province or territory approves your application and you have a Provincial Nominee Certificate, your next step is to apply for permanent residence with Federal Govt. within the time period they set out.
As per the name “Express Entry supportive PNP" is a much faster than the regular PNP stream.
Most provinces have their own individual fees with some exceptions like Alberta, Nova Scotia, Yukon where candidates do not have to pay fees for applying for provincial nomination.