Super Visa

Canadian Government Understands the needs of their permanent residents and in this regard, people whose parents or grandparents live outside of Canada, IRCC has launched a program which is called Super Visa by which an individual can invite their parents or grandparents on a long visit for a family re-unite. Rather than going on compassionate grounds, the Canadian Govt. has decided to check if a person has booked a health insurance policy for their parents or grandparents, which is a major requirement of this program.

Basically it is a long-Term multiple-entry visitor visa for the parents or grandparents of a person who is a Permanent resident or Canadian Citizen. Visa is normally granted for 10 years and a valid period of stay is 2 years while in normal multiple entry visas the stay is only valid for 6 months subject to officer discretion.

Who Can Apply

  • Must be Parent or Grand Parent of a person having Permanent residency or Citizenship of Canada.

Document requirements

To apply, the parent or grandparent must provide:

  • Prove ties with the home country and proof that you will return to your home country at the end of their visit.
  • Show your finances in your home country.
  • Provide a letter of invitation from your Canadian child or grandchild living in Canada.
  • Provide a letter promising financial support from your child or grandchild in Canada.
  • Prove the relationship to the child or grandchild.
  • Provide one of the following documents to prove that your child or grandchild meets income requirements to apply for Canada Super Visa:
  • A most recent copy of the notice of assessment or tax returns.
  • A most recent copy of the T4 or T1.
  • A letter from the child/grandchild’s employer.
  • Employment insurance pay-stubs.
  • Proof of private medical insurance with a Canadian insurance company valid for a minimum of one year.
  • Complete and pass an immigration medical examination for Canada Super Visa

Note: Dependants living in India of Parents/ Grand Parents are not included

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