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Temporary Residence


Best reliable Immigration Consultancy for Temporary Resident Visa –As you know there are millions of people who visit Canada every year on a temporary basis.  This includes tourists, business visitors, workers, students, live-in caregivers, seasonal workers and temporary resident permit holders as well. There is a famous saying that "A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  The right first step is the most important for your success. Well, you have come to the right place, we are the leading Immigration consultancy named GIPCS i:e Global Immigration and Placement Consultancy Service Ltd.  

Tmporary Visa

 GIPCS can assure you a smooth process for Canadian Temporary Resident Visa, our expert team not only looks into your temporary stay but also look into the prospect of Permanent Immigration to Canada. There are many people who don't know about the first step and often make some mistake which hampers their prospect in Canada. Global Immigration is one of the renowned and established  Immigration Consultancy in Canada with 15 years of experience in assisting foreign nationals from around the world and made their Canadian dream true!

Temporary Resident Visa/Status

The general rule is that EVERYONE entering Canada who is not a Citizen or Permanent resident must obtain a temporary resident visa before traveling to Canada, whether the individual is seeking entry for Visiting/Pleasure, Work or Study.

Visiting Canada has some exceptions, please visit the link for Visa exempt countries and Electronic Travel Authorization for more information.

The temporary visitor will require a valid passport or other such documentation from their country of citizenship.

Applying for a Visa? Applicants must meet the following requirements:

•    Have a valid passport and at least one additional identity document.

•    Be in good health

•    Provide proof that they have sufficient funds to support their stay in Canada

•    prove that their stay in Canada is temporary

•    Not have a criminal record, nor be considered a security risk

•    Transit visa applicants must also provide proof of travel arrangements with a transportation company or travel agent

•    Letter of Invitation/affidavit of support

Temporary Resident Visa process: Acquiring a Temporary Resident Visa is a 2 step process:

Step 1

Apply from outside of the country, A person must apply for a temporary resident visa before coming at the Canadian port of entry. Many people do not require a visa to visit Canada, Please visit visa exempt countries link.

Step 2

Examination at the port of entry. A foreign national does not become a temporary resident until the documents and individual have satisfied the officer at the port of entry.  At that time, an immigration officer will verify that the foreign national continues to meet the same requirements for entry to Canada that were met at the time the visa was originally issued.

Single or Multiple Entry Visa

Temporary resident visas are valid for a fixed period, whether they are a single or multiple entry visas.

Single entry visa

A single entry visa allows you to enter Canada once. If you leave Canada before the visa expiration date mentioned on the single entry visa, you must get a new visa to re-enter Canada.

Multiple entry visa

A multiple-entry visa allows you to enter Canada several times during the period while your visa is valid. A multiple-entry visa is valid for a maximum of Ten years or one month before the expiry date on the passport/re-entry visa, whichever is earlier.

Rights and Obligations of Temporary Residents

•    Temporary residents are authorized to enter and remain in Canada on a temporary basis

•    Temporary residents must comply with any conditions imposed by the regulations and must leave Canada at the end of the period authorized for their stay.

•    Minor Children of Temporary Residents are not authorized to study.

Extension and Restoration of Status

A foreign national can apply for an extension of his or her temporary resident status.  As long as the application for extension of status is made before the end of the authorized period of stay and the foreign national has complied with all of the previous conditions imposed on his or her entry into Canada, the extension will be allowed.

Occasionally, a foreign national will apply for an extension of status, but because of administrative delays on the part of the Government, the decision is not made before the expiration of the previous authorization.  In such situations, Canadian Immigration grants these applicants implied status whereby their authorized period of stay is automatically extended until the decision is made on the application for an extension.

Restoration of status: if the expired visa holder applies within 90 days from the date of expiration and if it is established that the individual continues to meet all of the requirements for their initial visa, The new Temporary resident visa can be issued within Canada.

Global Immigration (GIPCS)  is an efficient and best Immigration Consultancy For Temporary Visa.  Due to the rigorous visa policies of other developed countries,  more or more Visitors, Workers, and Permanent Immigration aspirants are showing interest in Canada and making Canadian Temporary Visa a challenging task.  Each client is different and the general norms we follow may have some exceptions, our expert team with 15 years of proven experience will provide you with quality services and will make your Canadian dream true.




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